Case Study #1

Service Area: California Bay Region

Background Information: This Vallejo, California based company specializes in foundation underpinnings in the bay area.


The California Bay area experiences a mild climate with an average temperature of approximately 60 degrees Fahrenheit. December through February are this area’s wettest months, with average rainfall over four inches each month. This region dries out in the Summer months, producing little to no precipitation from June through September. By tracking the amount of organic calls this company received during this study, we can see that this company received the most leads during their wettest months. The high moisture content damages a home’s foundation causing expansion and shrinkage with the changing climate.

Seismic Activity

The Bay area of California is known for Seismic activity due to its location within the active boundary between the Pacific and North American Tectonic plates. With the inability to predict earthquakes, we can only suspect that they increased the number of leads this company received on top of the leads solely based on climate.

Soil Composition

Soft soils make up the bay area. Soft soils amplify the shaking caused by earthquakes which only intensifies the damage. A good proportion of the soils in the bay area are also clayey soils that easily absorb water. This is a major culprit in foundation issues, as the soil becomes expansive and causes foundations to uplift and swell.

Service Area Population

According to the last US Census, approximately 7 million people live in the California Bay Region.

Total Leads: 1241

816 Phone Calls – 425 Emails

8 Month Study
Sept. 2016 – April. 2018

Total Spent on SEO: $6,880.00

Average Cost Per Lead: $5.54

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