Case Study #2

Service Area: Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa

Background Information: This company has provided Easter Nebraska and Western Iowa with professional waterproofing and foundation repair for more than 30 years. In addition to waterproofing and foundation repair, they also provide radon testing, egress window installation, and crawlspace repair.


This company’s service region experiences a midwestern climate with very warm summers and cool winters. This area receives 3-4 inches of rain each month from April through August. During the Summer months, the rain this area gets, along with the warm temperatures wreaks havoc on foundation structures as the soil retreats from the foundation, leaving room for cracks and other structural issues. An increase in organic calls can be observed during these warmer months.

Soil Composition

This region consists of prairie soils. The soil consists of clay and loess. Loess soil is prone to erosion from water.

Service Area Population

Nebraska has a state population of approximately 2 million people, with a good majority of the population on the eastern part of the state near this company’s service area. Iowa has a state population of approximately 3 million people, with less people living in the western part of the state. By examining call traffic, you can see this company does more of their service in Nebraska.

Total Leads: 1241

1018 Phone Calls – 223 Emails

8 Month Study
Sept. 2016 – April. 2018

Total Spent on SEO: $6,880.00

Average Cost Per Lead: $5.54

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