Case Study #3

Service Area: Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virgina

Background Information:

This Beaver Falls Pennsylvania based company is well recognized for their services in foundation repair, basement waterproofing, and basement wall repair.  They offer services in the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia


This company’s service region experiences a similar climate except for West Virginia being a little milder than Pennsylvania and Ohio during the Winter months. Temperatures range from mid to upper 30’s during the winter months, to the mid 80’s during the summer months. This allows for the expansion of foundations in the Spring and Contraction in the Summer. The call data examined is consistent with our reasoning, as the company experienced more leads during the summer and Spring months. 

 Soil Composition

The Bay area of California is known for Seismic activity due to its location within the active boundary between the Pacific and North American Tectonic plates. With the inability to predict earthquakes, we can only suspect that they increased the number of leads this company received on top of the leads solely based on climate.

Service Area Population

The populations of West Virginia, Ohio, and West Virginia make up a total service area population of approximately 26 million people.  Keep in mind that this company primarily serves the state of Pennsylvania, which has a total population of 12.8 million.

Total Leads: 1372

993 Phone Calls – 379 Emails

8 Month Study
Sept. 2016 – April. 2018

Total Spent on SEO: $6,880.00

Average Cost Per Lead: $5.01


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